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Here we post news, promotions and updates, along with developments on recent events and technology in general that we think our customers may be interested in. We'll also try to give advice on new products, warnings about threats and viruses, and other such subjects.

Lightning Strikes and Power Surges, How to Make sure your PC, Laptop and other Equipment is protected

A note on the 26th May 2017 Storm     Last night's storm reached a massive 130 lightning strikes per minute, blanketing much of Devon in thunder and lightning for hours.  As a result, many people have found that things aren't working properly this morning.     If you're currently experiencing issues with your PC, Laptop, TV or other electrical equipment, you may have fallen victim to a power surge due to the storm last night.   If your broadband is down, ... [read more]

Christmas Special - All Volkano Products 20% Off Till 4pm, December 24th 2016, Including Headsets Powerbanks Speakers and Action Cameras

20% Off All Volkano Branded Products Until 4pm Christmas Eve 2016 - Come and grab a bargain!     Volkano manufacturer high quality mobile phone accessories, headsets, speakers, gadgets and action cameras.   We love them so much we're trying to spread the word by offering 20% off the marked prices, that's a saving of upto £20 on some items, until 4pm on 24th December 2016.           How can you find us?     We're at Number 6... [read more]

Christmas at Bideford Computers - Come grab a gadget bargain!
20% off Volkano Products until 24th December
Great prices on Volkano Headsets at Bideford Computers this Christmas
Volkano VR Headsets, 20% off till December 24th 2016!

Late Night Shopping Tuesday 6th December with Bideford Computers - Get your Christmas Goodies before they're Gone!

Late night shopping for all your Christmas Goodies!     For Tuesday 6th December 2016 at Bideford Computers we'll be staying open until 7pm, with great deals on Desktop and Laptop Computers, Mobile Phone Accessories, Gadgets and other gifts and essentials.           Gift wrapping available - Ready to go under the tree or in the stocking!     Looking for the right gifts, gadgets or computers for your loved ones this year?  We'd be happy to... [read more]

Bideford Computers Shopfront at Night
Minecraft Creeper in our Bideford Computers Christmas Tree
New 2.1 Speaker System on Display at Bideford Computers
Bideford Computers Shop - From Cables to Cartridges, we've got it all!
Laptops for Sale at Bideford Computers
New Volkano Series Waterproof Action cameras
New Volkano Series Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers
Gaming Keyboards, Mice and Peripherals from Bideford Computers

Get Ready for Christmas with Bideford Computers - Everything from Gadgets to Gaming Systems

New stock now in - The perfect gifts for your loved ones or as a treat to yourself     The past few weeks we've been very busy finding, sampling and testing the best gadgets and accessories for your mobile or PC.  From Powerbanks to Screen Protectors, Bluetooth Headsets to Waterproof Action Cameras, we've got it all - and if we don't, we can get it.           Gaming Peripherals - Enhance your PC experience     We're now stocking a... [read more]

Windows 10. What you need to know and should you upgrade?

What is Windows 10?     Windows 10 is the latest installment of the Microsoft Windows operating system.   Before this, we had Windows 8.1, prior to that Windows 8, going back to Windows 7, Vista, XP and so on over the past 20 or more years.     Due to a technical reason Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9, so now we've moved straight on to the "latest and greatest" system which is Windows 10.     Below we'll cover the different common questi... [read more]

Last Chance for Windows 10 Upgrade
Windows 10

The Danger of Phishing Emails - How to Spot the Scams

What is a Phishing Email?     "Phishing", pronnounced like Fishing, is a type of scam email used to try and trick the user into giving away their usernames, passwords, bank details and other sensitive information by disguising themselves as genuine messages from your bank, email provider or something similar.   They can be very convincing, and very dangerous.   Armed with a few simple pieces of knowledge however, they can be easy to spot, and this is what we'll... [read more]

Phishing Image 1
Phishing Image 2
Phishing Image 3
Phishing Image 4
Phishing Image 5

Scam calls from Microsoft, Talktalk, Openreach and Others - What to do!

What's going on?     Scam callers reporting to be from companies such as Microsoft, Talktalk, Openreach and more have been attempting to con the public out of large sums of money by pretending that they have knowledge about serious issues with your PC, then charging fees for repairing it.   In some cases, they even attempt to steal private and personal data.   Don't let yourself fall victim.           Who are these people, and what do t... [read more]

Scam Calls

BT Broadband Breakdown; It's all over now.

If your internet went down last Tuesday, it was probably nothing wrong at your end. After mishaps at BT, the internet went down across the country!     Tens of thousands of users were without broadband, with outages accross the entire UK for several hours. For the most part, everything seems okay now though. Read the full story and see some of the reactions of customers here at The Guardian.  

BT Cabinet
Openreach Engineer Hard at Work

Our new PC Build Project for this week; Ubuntu!

This week, we'll be building another four Desktop systems - standard office machines, but with a difference.   These ones will all be running Ubuntu!     Why Ubuntu, and what is it anyway?     Ubuntu is based on Linux, an operating system just like Windows or Mac, but a little different in its origins.    Linux holds its strongest customer base in the server industry, where total security and reliability is valued above anything else.   Ubuntu... [read more]

Desktop PC build

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