Terms and Conditions

Workshop Repairs, Callouts and Pricing

We operate on a no-fix, no-fee basis. This means that if we are completely unable to repair your device for any reason, then we will not charge any fees for our labour for this specific issue. If we are able to repair your device, but you choose to not have it fixed for any reason, a charge will still apply if any work or inspection has taken place. Please note that a minimum fee will always be applicable for callouts.

There is no charge and no obligation for any quotation or discussion concerning a repair, unless an inspection or callout has taken place. In this event, the standard minimum fee will apply.

Where a specific service is required, such as hard drive replacement or virus removal, we will generally quote a fixed price. Once we have quoted this, it will not change regardless of the time spent, except where additional faults are found, in which case we will contact you first before proceeding.

Please see below for further information including refunds, cancellations, payments and warranties.

Goods Left In Our Care

We take every effort to ensure the safe keeping and security of your goods and data left in our care. All devices and goods will be treated with respect, and we will not view or disclose your data without prior consent unless absolutely necessary (see our Privacy Policy below).

As part of this care, we may request information such as your address, or other personal information. This will not be shared with 3rd parties, and is to allow us to identify you when you come to collect your goods, or to allow us to contact you should any issue arise. If you would prefer we didn't store your address information, please let us know, but we may require an alternative form of identification.

Any devices or goods left with us remain the property of you or the rightful owner unless we receive specific instructions that you no longer want an item, wish to trade it in, or if we re-sell the item for you. We may surrender a device to the Police if we have reason to believe it is stolen, or otherwise involved in an offence.

During diagnosis, examination or repair of your device or goods, and for the first 14 days following completion of such process, there are no fees for storage unless explicitly specified. Once any diagnosis, examination or repair is complete, we will attempt to contact you regarding payment using the details we have been provided and reasonable means, and reserve the right to hold your device or goods in our possession until such time as full payment is made.

If payment or collection does not occur after 14 days following the completion of the diagnosis, examination or repair, and the device or goods are still in our care, a storage charge of £1.50 per day will be due, payable prior to collection. This allows us to store your device or goods safely, and make effort to protect against theft or accidental damage.

If a device or goods are still in our care due to non-collection or non-payment after 3 months following the initial completion date, we reserve the right to resell your goods or device either in full or in part, in order to recoup any costs incurred in the repair or storage of same. Any monies made from such a sale less expenses incurred (including but not limited to repair costs in the form of parts, labour and storage fees) will be payable to the customer upon request, in accordance with UK law.

Returns and Refunds

All of our products and services are sold as described or seen, and refunds will only be offered with valid cause. A valid cause for a partial or full refund (on a case-by-case basis) or credit against another item or repair would include when items are sold that are faulty or not matching the descriptions given, or where services performed (e.g. screen replacements, DC jack repairs, virus removals etc) are unsuccessful or parts fitted are discovered to be faulty.

Where replacement parts are installed or other repair work has been carried out and the repair has not fixed the issue or damage has been caused by us during the repair, a partial or full refund, or credit against another repair or product may be offered but only at our discretion. If we were to ever damage your property during the course of our work we will of course seek to correct such an issue, however we are very careful and this will rarely if ever be an issue.

Where a product has been purchased by mistake, or if you later decide that you don't like the item or would prefer something else, a refund is not guaranteed. Please understand that products depreciate over time, especially once used, and we cannot simply offer money back if you change your mind. Wherever possible we will do what we can to help, and we may be able to offer a trade or partial credit against another product at our discretion. If there is an issue or fault with the item in question however then this may be dealt with under warranty if applicable (see warranties section).


Cancellations on the part of the customer, where work has already been carried out or a non-refundable deposit has been paid for a repair or service (e.g. a hard drive replacement) will not constitute a valid reason for refund unless otherwise stated in written form by an authorised representative of Bideford Computers.

Please understand that we request deposits for many services, such as replacements of parts and new builds because we have to purchase or reserve the components specifically for each job, and we may not be able to use them elsewhere. Because of this, if you as a customer pay a deposit for a product/repair or agree to have work carried out but then change your mind afterwards for any reason, the full balance will still be due. In some cases where a partial deposit has been taken but the work was not yet performed, the remaining balance may be dismissed, but this must be negotiated on a case by case basis.

If we as the service or product provider cancel the job for any reason, for example if we decide we are unable to repair your product or we no longer wish to conduct the work for any reason, then a refund may be given depending on the circumstances. We generally offer a no-fix no-fee policy, but in some cases (such as if we have multiple issues to repair and some have been fixed but others have not) a partial fee may be applied.

We reserve the right to cease providing any service or product in the event of non-payment by a customer, or other issues outside of our control such as parts availability etc.

Payment for Products and Services

We ask that payment be made in full prior to delivery of any product, and immediately following any service provided, whether in store, via the website or whilst on call. Unless a specified payment arrangement has been agreed upon, we reserve the right to cease any services following non-payment, or to hold products or items being repaired in our possession until full payment is made.

We accept many forms of payment including Cash, PayPal, many Debit/Credit cards and Contactless. We currently accept Cheques although prefer use of Cash/Card where possible. Please note that in cases using delayed payment methods such as Cheques, we reserve the right to withhold on delivery of products or services until monies have cleared in full.


Unless specifically stated, all warranties on parts and products are covered by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and not by Bideford Computers directly, however where possible we will aim to assist with product returns and warranty claims for any items we have supplied or fitted. An example would be a hard drive replacement using a unit from Samsung which fails after 6 months - the item would be returned to Samsung and they will send the replacement. Bideford Computers is not directly responsible for supplying the replacement, however if we can we may offer you a replacement part whilst we return your faulty item to the OEM, to help you as a loyal customer. This will vary from case to case and may only be offered at the discretion of the representative responsible.

Warranties may be limited on some items, including but not limited to laptops, tablets and other fragile devices where some parts such as the keyboards, charging cables etc are easily damaged, and batteries are considered to be items with a limited lifespan. Details of such limited warranties can generally be found in the documentation supplied with the product or on the manufacturers website.

We cannot cover any fault caused by willful or accidental damage. Warranties are protection against manufacturing and design faults only. We are happy to examine or attempt repairs on goods damaged in this way but we are not responsible for the cost of repair.

Short-Term warranties may be offered on refurbished and pre-owned goods such as used laptops - details of such warranties may be presented within the item description or upon request. Please note that unless explicitly specified, no warranty is offered on any pre-owned product outside of its original manufacturer guarantee.

Delivery Policy

Delivery times and availability of delivery will vary from product to product. For local deliveries of new builds and other equipment, delivery and setup in person by one of our engineers via a callout may be available, however standard delivery via use of a courier may also be offered. Details on the delivery options for each product or service may be shown within its own description, on the checkout page (if applicable) or on request. Please contact us using the details provided on the contact page to learn more.


Any advice or information offered by a representative of Bideford Computers or affiliated individuals is their personal opinion only and correct to the best of their knowledge at the time, however we accept no responsibility for any damages, injuries or losses attributed to following any advice or information given. We recommend that you do your own research before performing any steps that might potentially harm your computer or other equipment, and where possible allow ourselves or another trained group of professionals to carry out the work if you do not feel confident.

Any repair or delivery time given is an estimate only, correct to the best of our ability at the time; whilst we always aim to be quick and responsive in our repairs and services conducted, we in no way accept liability for any losses or damages caused due to extended repair times or other unforeseen delays. We recommend that customers always have a backup machine or other source for mission critical services, and do not rely solely on ourselves.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

We will never share any of your personal or private details, or any information we may discover accidentally on your device with any third party without your explicit consent. An exception to this is where we have cause to believe that a device may be stolen, or may have been used to commit a serious crime or offence. In this case, we may be required to pass information to the Police and relevant authorities.

It should be noted that we take every effort to avoid viewing any potentially private information whilst we work on customer computers or other devices. Unless we are required to do so during the course of our work, we will not purposefully open folders, documents, pictures, emails or other files. We also make every effort to ensure that your data is secure whilst in our care, and that only authorised persons working directly with or for Bideford Computers will have access to your device or data, and only where such access is necessary.

Where we take payment for goods or services, your card and bank information will never be stored permanently in any plain text format and will either be kept momentarily before being deleted/destroyed, or entered directly in to the payment terminal and not stored at all. If we do need to keep a record of your payment information, in the case of recurring payments for example, this will only be done with your express permission and kept as securely as is reasonably possible by means of encryption and restricted access.

We do of course keep some information about our customers, including names, addresses and contact numbers. This information is necessary when corresponding with customers, notifying customers on the status of repairs, and properly identifying customers when returning or delivering a device or item. In accordance with the Data Protection Act we strive to ensure that all data kept by us is valid, up-to-date, and necessary. We will not for example need to know your date of birth unless we specifically require it for a job (e.g. setting up an email account), but we do normally ask for your address so that we can confirm your identity when you later collect a device.

As a general rule, we do not allow anonymous repairs or purchase items from customers without sufficient details and proof of identity. This is for our own protection and the protection of your possessions and data; if we cannot confirm who brought in a device, we also can't confirm if the individual collecting it is the same person. This would obviously risk the wrong people walking away with your personal possessions and information, something we never want to happen.

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